Launching the Sublime Climbing Brush

The history of climbing is littered with plenty of climbers who have enjoyed pushing themselves on the rock, but maybe not so many who have enjoyed trying to run a business or both at the same time. I suppose it’s the hugely time consuming nature of climbing that ends up being a limiting factor and also that many people did not start climbing as a way of making money. I think the cool thing in our industry is that most of the companies are still run (and often owned) by real climbers - the people that truly understand why someone wants to hand over their hard earned cash for a sport which we can mostly practice for free. 

My own foray into climbing related business started by joining forces with a few other climbers and creating an indoor climbing gym. In 2012, we opened The Climbing Station and whilst it was extremely scary at the time, it’s been hugely rewarding. Almost as good as climbing sometimes! That positive experience then opened my eyes up to further opportunities and by a chance encounter I met a very psyched American climber in 2014. His name was Ransom Allison and he was so incredibly motivated to try and develop some climbing product ideas that I was immediately hooked. I knew from my background in coaching that if someone has that much enthusiasm, they’re going to go a long way! With the combination of Ransom’s design and technology experience and my long term industry involvement we formed a small start up business called Sublime Climbing.


Last year we started Sublime Climbing to develop great climbing products. Products we all want and need, but no one makes. Over the last year, we’ve sat down, skyped, talked, emailed and bashed around various ideas. Whilst we have around eight or nine of different products that we are continuing to develop, we honed in on the simple idea of a “brush that doesn't break or wear down, and works perfectly” as our initial project we wanted to create. Our brush is something that every climber out there uses (or should use) and one that everyone would see as a reflection of our passion to do things incredibly well and in line with the morals of the climbing community. 

We’ve had our project tested in the hands of hundreds of our climbing friends and by super-star climbers from around the world. Everyone has been so amazingly helpful. The climbing community is going to be using this brush, so who else better to test, feedback and help develop our project?!

Together with the climbing community, we've designed the Sublime Climbing Brush to be;

Nearly Unbreakable- backed by a 1 year guarantee

The Highest Bristle Density on the Market- over 14,000 bristles

Ergonomic- fits your hand exactly

Lightweight- 4 ounces

Beautiful Design- a perfect blend of form and function

Secret Compartment- for our special ClimbOn brush-bars

100% Recyclable- leave no trace with our brush

Our Sublime Climbing Brushes will be available through our Kickstarter campaign and if funded, via our online store on the Sublime Climbing Website, as well as gyms and retailers around the world. So if you’d like to see another business in climbing grow from small beginnings to create more and more amazing products then please share or back our Kickstarter when it launches on June 8th. We're in this together. We are climbers and we know climbers, and this brush is as good as it gets. It’s as simple as that.





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