Premium Boar's Hair Climbing Brush - Slate Grey

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  • Over 14,000 bristles, our brush works better and lasts longer. One Year Guaranteed!
  • Ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in a climber's hands.
  • Secret Compartment in the handle designed to hold our custom climbOn Bar and also connects to future accessories like our fully articulating stick-brush adapter.
  • 100% Recyclable brush and packaging, because you care about the environment and so do we.

Customer Reviews

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Marcus Martinez
This brush is the Mjölnir of climbing brushes

This brush does 3x the work of a normal brush. All you need to do is put this brush on the hold or area you want de-greased or de-oiled and in a white cloud of dust in less than a fraction of a millisecond it has done its job. Only those worthy can wield this Mjölnir of brushes.. (oh yeah this thing has a sketchy little container opening in the middle of it lmao— I think I’m gonna put ibuprofen in there for emergencies. Otherwise I wouldn’t couldn’t possibly imagine what to put in there.)

Can recommend this brush.

I love Premium boar’s hair brush

must have

Alex Tessier

Premium Boar's Hair Climbing Brush - Slate Grey

Dylan Connole

Amazing brush packed with so many bristles, no more dirty holds!

Eric Natzke

I appreciate the idea of a very obvious 'secret compartment' but I mean come on guys...sumpin like 16 bones. Chale. But overall the 3 pack (nice angle dawg) makes up for the gimmick big brush.