Premium Boar's Hair Climbing Brush - 2 Pack

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Save money with our 2 Packs! 
Upgraded Version- Stronger, Lighter, Longer Bristles for even more life.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Zero Waste - Made from recycled plastic with 100% recyclable packaging
  • 4.5x Strong Neck- tougher than your latest project. 
  • Over 14,000 bristles- The best brush for climbing, accept no substitutes. 
  • Ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in a climber's hands.
  • Secret Compartment in the handle designed to hold our custom climbOn Bar and also connects to future accessories like our Switch Pro brush.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Great Quality, Shipped Fast

I purchased these as a gift and they were certainly the right decision! This is a great alternative to ordering from Amazon, the brushes shipped really fast, are great quality, and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Adelaide Earl-Kinley

The ties came off the package and it arrived in ~20 days, but otherwise happy with the product!

Jon Luna
For some reason legit?

I typically just use the cheapest brush I could find on Amazon. Recently figured I would give Sublime a try just to support the company, but honestly was not expecting much. Oddly enough, you will consciously notice a difference with the Premium brush! I have not used it long enough to discuss wear and tear, but based on performance so far, I would re-purchase.

Jared Penrod
Best Brushes on the Market

Title says it all. I’ve tried almost all of them but I’ll only buy Sublime moving forward.

Henning Kage
Best brush so far

Still one of the best brushes I have used so far. Long living quality and even usable for smaller holds. Even after one year of usage (2-3 times a week) the brush lost only a couple of bristles.

I ordered my seconds pair and wouldn't want to miss the brush in the climbing gym and outdoors again.