Slimline Climbing Brush - Lime

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Fit for your adventures, Sublime Slimline brushes are the perfect climbing companion. With over 9,000 natural boar's hair bristles, a light-weight yet durable handle, and angled brush head, you can get a grip on the hardest holds to keep you pushing.

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    Spectacular customer service

    Great brush, even better customer service!

    We've got a replacement out to you :) Sorry to hear the color was off.
    Sublime Brushes

    Hands down this is the best brush out there! it lasts a long time, and fits the shape of 99.9% of the holds you are trying to brush inside and out! Its feels super durable, and wont snap under pressure of brushing to get your project chalk caked free.

    Great Climbing Brush

    The brush definitely has more bristles than some of the leading brushes. It helps when you’re holding onto a crimp and you’ve only got seconds to brush off excess chalk off the next hold. The plastic handle is durable and thick enough to get a good purchase when you’re scrubbing away. Great brush, fast delivery, and great customer service.

    Sickest brush available

    This brush is the mutz nutz! Thank you for making a brush that doesn't snap! Much better quality than the Lapis one I had before, it's more durable and the bristles are awesome.

    Best brush EVAH!!

    I was always a fan of the original, but hated the big fat handle. It didn’t fit in a brush loop on my chalk bag/bucket. This solves that completely! The bristles are just as dense! And since it’s a bit smaller, you can really get into those tight areas. So stoked on this thing!