Top-rated brushes for climbing and bouldering
Ultra durable and responsibly sourced
cleans chalk and crud off holds without damaging texture
perfect for indoor and outdoor use

By far the best brush I've used! I use my Sublime Brush everyday to help me send my projects.

Ashima Shiraishi

The Sublime Brush has a super dense head of Boars hair and just simply feels like it's built to last. Secret stow-away climbOn Bar in the handle?? Yes. It's a killer brush.

Jonathan Siegrist

These are some of the best brushes I've seen. Get all of them. Tom Randall and co. have got it together on this.

Chris Schulte

I especially liked the boar's hair. These fine fibers do an A+ job of removing chalk and restoring the rock's texture to optimal grippage.

Duane Raleigh, Rock & Ice Magazine

I have snapped basically every single[other] climbing brush that I have ever owned at some point. I've never snapped a Sublime brush.

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